What is Radon?

Radon is a natural toxic gas that enters the home through the foundation, Radon cannot be detected through smell, sight, or taste, and can cause irreparable health damage if a considerable amount is inhaled or ingested.

The Health Effects of Radon

Second only to smoking, Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. As Radon decays it releases small bursts of energy that can alter cells. The problem is that when you inhale Radon into your lungs it continues to decay into finer particles that can implant themselves perfectly into the lungs. This could potentially initiate cancer.


Each year an estimated 21,000 deaths are linked to Radon according to the EPA. As of January 1st, 2014 sellers are now required to provide buyers with a detailed disclosure. The Office of the Surgeon General recommends that all homes be tested because it’s the only way to tell if Radon levels are above a safe level.

There are often unseen contaminants lurking in your home or business that you may never see, but can harm you nonetheless. That is where Advanced Air Quality Consultants (AAQC) comes in. With an office located in Eagan, AAQC is a locally owned and certified company that will test the air quality of your Minneapolis – St. Paul area home or workplace for any nasties like mold and radon.

Not only are the nasties unseen, but so too can be the underlying problem. The air ducts that run air throughout a building with a central air system often goes about its work quietly and without fuss. However, if debris builds up over time, they could be releasing contaminated air into the building and impact the health of everyone who comes inside.

If you suspect that you might be the victim of radon or another contaminant, call AAQC today to get expert Minnesota radon testing services to protect everyone who comes into your building. You can stop by our office, reach us online or call us at 651-336-1103.