Air Quality Testing Services in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Area

We wouldn’t survive without a respiratory system that is working properly. Make sure that nothing is harming yours by working with an experienced indoor air quality testing company.

Your home or commercial space should to be a place where you are out of harm’s way and comfortable. Unfortunately, indoor air pollution is a genuine problem that could impact your health and physical comfort.

Air quality influences your health and the health of your building’s inhabitants. Nonetheless, detecting whether or not your air quality is poor is not always a simple task.

When the air in your home or office is clean, your family or staff will feel better. Breathing will be easier. Air quality matters are progressively becoming a significant concern in both the home and workplace.

The health difficulties associated with air quality problems differ broadly. It is possible that many of the people in your building will experience symptoms such as headaches, lethargy and shortness of breath. You might suffer from cold-like symptoms such as sinus issues, coughing and sneezing. Many people may even experience stomach sickness and dizziness.

Those with existing lung issues or allergies might find the symptoms more noticeable. Indoor air pollution can initiate neurological disorders. If you have been feeling unwell more frequently than in the past, air pollution could be the reason.

Poor air quality can result from from a range of reasons including inadequate ventilation and outside contamination sources. Luckily, a professional air quality testing company can test and monitor the air quality level in your home or place of business and determine the source of the problem.

Minnesota’s Advanced Air Quality Consultants (AAQC) is an indoor air quality testing company based in Eagan that serves home and business owners in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Click here to learn about our quality testing and monitoring process. If you’d like to schedule a service appointment, contact us online or call us at 651-336-1103. We are looking forward to finding a solution to your problem.