Have Your Building’s Air Quality Tested

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Advanced Air Quality Consultants is a commercial air quality testing company based in Minnesota and serving the Twin Cities metro area. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve a comfortable and safe place of business. Indoor air quality can greatly impact your health. The quality of the air that you breathe inside a structure can affect the well-being of you and your its occupants. To protect everyone, it is important that your air quality is tested regularly.

A healthy commercial space starts with its occupants having the ability to comfortably breathe the air that circulates throughout it. Indoor air quality can be affected by any form of pollution, which can come from virtually any source. Chemicals and smoke are just two of the many elements that may gradually lower indoor air quality. Additional pollutants that can contaminate your air over time include radon, mold and VOCs.

Low indoor air quality mostly affects the respiratory system, and it is notably more harmful to those with allergies and asthma. Symptoms of poor air quality include a sore or scratchy throat, eye irritation and respiratory illness. Many of us assume we’re simply experiencing a cold or seasonal allergies, but often we are afflicted by the air we breathe. Anyone can suffer the effects of poor indoor air quality, but some people may be at a higher risk of experiencing health problems. Those with compromised or weaker immune systems – such as seniors and children – might show more severe symptoms when breathing in low quality air.

Commercial air quality tests completed by a professional will help you determine whether the air environment is safe and at an acceptable level. If it is not, several options can be taken to address the issue. While low air quality can be contributed to a buildup of pollutants, there may be problems with the HVAC system or filters.

If you or your building’s occupants are experiencing respiratory issues, it is recommended that you have your structure’s indoor air quality tested. At Advanced Air Quality Consultants, our commercial air quality testing company offers solutions that clean the air and help you breathe. Schedule your free estimate today by contacting us online, by phone or in person. We serve the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul area.