Advanced Air Quality Consultants provides professional mold testing services for home and business owners in Eagan, MN.

Mold is part of our natural environment. Outside, mold helps eliminate dead organic matter such as lawn clippings and fallen branches. When mold grows indoors, however, it should be avoided. Mold grows via miniature spores that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These spores travel through the air in a home or office and will begin growing when they land on wet or damp surfaces. There are many mold types, but each needs moisture to develop.

Molds can be found almost everywhere, and mold spores are a common element of indoor dust. When a large amount of it is found indoors, mold can present health problems for humans, possibly causing allergic reactions and breathing issues.

It is not always easy to spot a mold problem, as it can take cover behind walls, ceilings, and in other concealed areas. If you suspect that fungus is growing in your Eagan residential or commercial space, watch out for noticeable signs of development, such as discoloration marks or black, brown, gray, green, white, or yellow stains. There might be an obvious musty smell that hangs in the air. As mold needs moisture to live, watch out for standing water, leaks, or wet marks on your interior surfaces.

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Unless you are experienced in mold testing and removal, it is best to call in a professional mold testing service to correctly and safely remove the toxins. Based in Eagan, our Minnesota mold testing experts are knowledgeable in indoor air quality. You can contact us online or by phone at 651-336-1103.