You air conditioning (AC) system is essential during Minnesota’s hot summer days. Unfortunately these systems are prone to a variety of problems, each which can impact their effectiveness. Read on to understand the most common problems that influence these systems.

Improper Wiring

Improper wiring often impacts the ability of an AC unit to function properly. A poorly wired system is a danger in a home because it presents a fire hazard. Despite the risk, diagnosing an improperly wired system is relatively easy. In most cases, a poorly wired AC unit trips the circuit breaker when it is switched on.

A Damaged Fan/Compressor

AC units often siphon hot air, pass it through Freon coolant, and release the cool air into your home or office. This process is achieved using an internal fan. In some cases, the heat transfer fails, overloading the system and damaging the fan or compressor. When this happens, the AC loses its ability to cool your space. A damaged fan can be diagnosed by listening to the AC unit to determine if it has “whirring” sound. A silent AC may be an indicator of a damaged fan/compressor.

A Freon Leak

Freon is used as a coolant in many AC units. When it leaks and falls below the manufacturer’s prescribed level, the system loses its ability to cool hot air properly. Diagnosing a Freon leak is very difficult for someone who is not familiar with the function of HVAC systems. Therefore, when an air conditioner begins to lose its ability to perform properly, its owner should contact a specialist to determine if leaks are the problem.

A Faulty External Unit

Sometimes the external unit of the AC unit may be the cause of a failure. External components, such as the thermostat or the power supply, may influence the system. A faulty thermostat can be diagnosed by changing the room temperature and observing how the air conditioner behaves. However, this is not a conclusive test and the unit may require additional tests.


During summer, you can experience a range of problems with you AC unit. It is important that as a homeowner you understand some of these problems. Doing so can help you determine the right course of action to follow after an air conditioner failure. Of course, it is always recommended that you contact an experienced air conditioning contractor to ensure that these problems are properly addressed.

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