Although it can be tempting, putting off cleaning your air ducts can lead to health issues that include nasal congestion, and a generally dirty environment.

Home and business owners are becoming more aware about the hazards that result from air pollution, which is why more efforts are being made to invest in duct cleaning and air filtering. Simply maintaining a regular cleaning schedule of air ducts can make a major difference in air quality, reducing common irritants like dust and tiny debris that make their way into heating and cooling systems.

Vent cleaning is vital to any routine maintenance program. Making sure cleanings are done frequently has been proven to reduce serious health issues related to air pollution. Even simple cleaning programs can make drastic improvements to the health of the entire family, especially if any suffer from allergies. Medical professionals have long noted the improvement pulmonary patients experience after the air ducts in their home are cleaned. If you have a friend or family member who suffers from breathing-related issues, cleaning their air ducts is essential.

Air ducts are hollow tubes, usually round or rectangular, made of sheet metal. These ducts help spread hot or cold air throughout your home. They are considered part of your building’s temperature control system.

Beyond the health benefits, regular cleaning can help extend the life of these heating and cooling systems. Any accumulation of dust or debris can prevent the vents from functioning properly, adding strain to the system and increasing energy costs. Based on estimates from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a homeowner could save upwards of 20 percent on their energy bill simply by having their air ducts cleaned regularly.

Maintaining ducts is vital to keep healthy air flowing and avoiding “sick building syndrome”. Over time, a build up of dust, pollen, mold, and other detritus begin to circulate in the air of the building. This can irritate the nasal passages for people who live or frequently work in that setting. Even if it does not trigger allergies immediately, the effects of breathing polluted air long term can lead to respiratory issues.

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